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The fastest circuit on the calendar and the first time for JSCC. With a few issues taken care of going into qualifying. With a red flag, rain and a small issue with the car, I had 6 minutes to do 3 laps. I managed to complete the 3 laps recording:

Q 2nd for race 1

Q 2nd for race 2

Pole for race 3

Race 1

I got a good start and led off the line with CJ Morgan on my tail. Where he stayed for the majority of the race until the last lap where we both approached the club chicane both on the limit we touched and CJ Morgan ran to the line to win. After reviewing the incident the Stewart's judge that I took the racing line and demoted CJ to 2nd. Not how I wanted to win, as it was a brilliant race wheel to wheel from start to finish.

Race 2

My start was compromised by missing 2nd gear and lost drive, I managed to stay in the lead, until the safe car came out. My restart wasn't the best and this left me exposed to the pack, I was demoted to second, which I held for the last 2 laps in greasy conditions. On the last lap I did have the possibility of an overtake but decided to hold station and take second with the championship in mind.

Race 3

As a team we decided to change the car, knowing it would be difficult at the start of the race for grip I unfortunately made a small mistake that led to a spin. Recovering from that and as predicted the car improved greatly and allowed me to move up the field until the last lap incident that put me out of the race.

It was a difficult weekend and not completely what I hoped, ending my 9 consecutive wins, nevertheless I want to thank Chris my mechanic, Ben Colburn, all to the Westbourne Team and Charlie Hand.

Looking forward to Croft were we can reset.


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