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In practice I was doing times to be in the top 5 and for qualifying I was 4th for race 1 and 6th for race 2.

Race 1 I started in 3rd due to a grid penalty for someone ahead of me. I didn’t get a great start and after the first lap I was 5th. On lap 3 I hit oil which slid me of the track losing 2 places. Push0ng hard to regain track position I hit the curd causing pad knock. Going into hairpin, my brakes didn’t work causing me to hit the car in front. (Unfortunately, with pad knock, the brake pads need to be pushed towards the front disc, to allow them to work efficiently again), this relegated me to 12th, I thought back to finish in 9th.

Race 2 I started 6th and got a better start then race 1, I was fighting in the top 5 and manged to get 3rd place. I pushed on the remaining laps and created a gap to 4th place. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch 2nd and had to settle for 3rd. All in all, another good weekend and some valuable experience gained


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