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Round 3 - Anglesey Trac Mon 3rd & 4th May

Race report

Q4 - R1

Q3 - R1

Q2 - R1

Practice on the Friday and Saturday morning went well, come qualifying did go as well as expected but was happy with being on the 2 front rows for the triple header.

Race 1

I started 4th and was able to hooked the start and managed to take the lead by the first corner. I pushed hard for the first few laps and managed to pull a lead that I was able to maintain to take the win from Jack James

Race 2

I started 3rd behind the pole sitter. Again I was able to hook up the start and managed to lead from the first corner. Copying the first race I pushed hard to build a gap which I maintain until the safety car. On the restart Moore put me under pressure with 2 laps to go, I held the position to take the win in the second race from Jonny Moore

Race 3

Start 2nd on the grid, didn't have the best of starts on the restart but managed to hold it going into the first corner and giving position for the second corner. Pratt-Thompson pushed me all through the race, I managed to hold on to take the third win of the weekend and round off a fantastic meeting to leave Anglesey championship leader.

I like to thank Chris my mechanic, Charlie Hand for his coaching and advice, James and the whole Westbourne Motorsport team

Congratulations to Jonny Moore and Jack James on their podiums for the team.

Next round Oulton Park, I'm really excited about going to this track and to continue my current form.


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