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Round 1 Cadwell Park

Finally round 1 arrived with 2 races at Cadwell park, a tight, twisting circuit with very little areas to over take.

I was happy with my grid positions in both races, 3rd for race one and 2nd for race 2 as there was a lot of traffic on the track due to the 18 rookies on the track, so time management and placement on the track had I had to managed.

Race 1, I managed to get off to a good start gaining 1 place to second, the

pace was very fast at the front, I was pushing for 1st, when I unfortunately I

made a slight error and ended up in 3rd place unfortunately due to the nature of the track i was unable to improve my position. And finished 3rd overall.

Race 2, I got a great start from 2nd on the grid and pulled 3 car lengths ahead going

into the first corner, leading the pack from the start of the race i managed to pull a 3 second gap, I manged that gap for the race of the race finishing first the end a good round, I also got fastest lap and the only driver in the championship to break in to the 1.47s

My teammates in the final race maged to grab 2nd, 3rd and 4th place ending a great weekend for WestbourneMotorsport.


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