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My first race at Silverstone

Silverstone was my first race in the JSCC, in practices I was doing good times to be in the top 5. In qualifying it was going well setting good lap time and for race one and race two I was starting 6th .

We didn’t have a green flag lap we went straight out of the assembly area and on to the grid, on the formation lap I was very existed and had no nerves. My first start in a race car was OK getting past 2 people into turn 1 and was in 5th staying close behind the 2nd & 3rd and 4th. I got past the guy in 4th after 2 laps, battling with 2nd, 3rd & 5th. This continued until a red flag giving me 4th, which was a great result for my first ever race.

Race two I was starting from the same spot got a better start and got into 5th and was battling for 4th and 3rd but on lap 5 I went for a move on the car ahead and we made contact making me compromised for the next corner allowing for another competitor to go up my inside, he slightly out-braked himself and I tried a swich back but the other guy didn’t see me and we made contact and bent my track rod end and I retired from the race.

Overall, I was very pleased how well and how good I got on in both races fighting for the top 5 in

both races.


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