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Knockhill Circuit in Scotland

This was the first time to Knockhill Circuit in Scotland. This is an unusual circuit as there go clockwise and anti-clockwise.

Friday practise went well when only having 1 section clockwise, unfortunately there was a red flag and it only reduce the practise to 5 laps. We had two sections anti-clockwise, this allowed me to get onto the pace and was confident of a top 10 qualifying position.

Saturday was anti-clockwise and in qualifying I was 6th with 1 second covering the top 10. I got a good start in the race and going down to turn 1, I was on the outside I grab 5th and was fighting with the leaders when I made a small mistake and hit the gravel with the rear tyre with lost me 2 seconds, putting me to 12th, the remainder of the race I was chasing the top 10 and manged to grab 9th with 2 laps to go.

Sunday was clockwise and had good pace in practise after only having 5 laps due to rad flags. I qualified in 4th and got a good start and after an incident on lap 1 I was up into 3rd. Fighting for 2nd and pushed too hard into a hard right hairpin and understeered into the gravel dropping down to 5th. On the same lap an incident ahead off me lost me more time having to avoid a car, that dropped me to 7th. I thought back to 6th in the finally stages of the race, not the position I wanted to finish, but scored valuable point.


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