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Historic Fiesta Mk1

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to drive a Fiesta MK1 Supersport in HRDC Gerry Marshall race at Brands Hatch GP. This was the first time I would of driven a car of this era ands it did not disaapoint.

The race is run over 45mins and each car is required to do a pit stop to change driver or if your a single driver you have to get out of the car, close the door and get back in.

I qualified in 9th overall and pole for my class in the non-championship race. Having made a good start being surrounded with Mini Clubmans 1275, Capri's, to name just a few, I manged to say in 9th having a good race with the Mini Clubman before the safety car can out and we all dived into the pits to do a pit stop as the saftey car was within the pit stop window, On leaving the pits going down Paddock Bend the car started to misfire before coming to a stop. Unfortunately the problem was terminal and I had to retire from the race.

I like to thank Richard Colburn for this amazing opportunity and Im looking forward to when I may get another chance to drive a historic car.


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