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Croft Race Circuit

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

This was my second time at Croft, the first time was a test day in the rain, so only got limited testing time.

Friday was practise after a few sessions, I started to get the lap times down and was confident for qualifying on Saturday.

In qualifying I got 2nd for race 1, losing by .012 of a second, for the 2nd and 3rd place I pole position, my first time on pole.

Race 1, I got a good start and was side by side with the pole sitter going to the first corner, unfortunately I was on the outside so dropped back to second. I was battling for first for most of the raced, when I managed to get a good run going down to tower and went around the outside but as soon as I got by the red flag came out and with only 3 minutes left that was the end of the race, with count back by one lap I was placed in second.

Race 2, starting on pole for the first time, got a great start and was clear going into turn 1, had a good gap to 2nd ,3rd,, halfway round the first lap, I had a technical issue. I got the car going again but was last 15 seconds behind last place. I got my head down and started setting fastest lap each lap and after 4 laps was on the back of them when the safety car came out. We resumed racing with 2 laps to go, was in 20th place finish 14th at the finish.

Race 3, didn’t get as good a start ended up 4th, over several laps I manged to grab 2nd was fighting for 1st when we slightly touch and knocked the side of my bumper off. I continued in 2nd until I was called into the pits for the dislodged bumper. The team did a great job and got me under way in last place. The race finished with a read flag with me finishing 20th.


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