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Cadwell Park

Practice went well getting good times getting 2nd before qualifying. In qualifying I got 3rd, 1 tenth off pole and on my last lap I was 2 tenths up on my fastest lap but going through the mountain section there was a slower car in the way that held me up on my fastest lap.

Race 1 I started 5th after getting a 2 place penalty from the last race I got a good start up into 4th but my tracking got slightly compromised after pushing to hard and hitting a kerb to hard. This caused me to lose a second a lap and I was losing 1 second a lap, at the end I was only able to finish in 6th.

Race 2 I started 3rd got a good start and by the second corner I was up into 2nd I was following the leader close behind, with two laps to go, I was overtaken, I was pushing hard on the last laps unfortunately due to the type of track Cadwell Park is, I decided to settle for 3rd.

Didn’t start race 3 due to ECU issues which was disappointing but that’s motorsport, the highs and the low's all in one weekend.


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